About Triangle C Ranch

Triangle C Ranch Log Cabins sit on the west end of Stanley Idaho. Triangle C is the second largest piece of property in the little, beautiful town of Stanley (population 70) with impressive views of the towering Sawtooth Mountains. Triangle C is a legacy of the valley.

Ron and Linda Gillett are Idaho natives that have been surviving Stanley’s harsh winters since the 1970’s. Ron and his father Earle Gillett built the cabins with logs from the surrounding forests.  The property encompasses two and quarter acres allowing for adequate parking of vehicles with trailers. Triangle C is Stanley’s Versailles. The property’s gravel paths outlined manicured lawns and lead to the richly made cabins.

Triangle C sign

Photo by Morgan Sargent

Photo by Morgan Sargent

Each of the ten cabins begin with a pair of popsicle brightly colored deck chairs resting on front porches. Inside, high peaked ceilings keep in the cool air so rarely found during the summertime. Each room is neatly furnished and drenched in natural light. Accommodations vary from a single queen, two queens or a queen paired with two singles. All of the cabins are the same size but decorated differently. With upgraded linens and comforters. There are three cabins with kitchenettes in them. The other seven have refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers. There are also Weber BBQ’s that are available to guests for more private outdoor cooking. Guests also have free range to somersault or picnic on Triangle C’s Texas-sized lawns. Between Blue Spruce pine trees Ron showcases a couple of his antique wagons.  Cowboy enthusiast and western compatriot, Ron will gladly educate anyone on the ins and outs of the West.